Are you an already existing Medical Spa practice owner looking to expand, improve performance, increase bottom-line revenue, or become a franchise? When was the last time you had real aesthetic consultancy experts evaluate your best practices, update your business plan and analyze your profit and loss statement so that you are truly minimizing your absolute costs and earning your maximum revenue?

C&A Consulting Firm is here to expand your network, show your how you compare to your competitors, target niche and/or ethic markets, optimize patient referrals, build a higher performance team, and more. We can show you how to build media and community relations, how to build your retail space to increase cashflow, what is new and profitable in the aesthetic treatment field, and even how to quickly increase male clientele. The American Med Spa Association has researched and proven that patient retention by 5% increases profitability by more than 25%- wouldn’t you like to know how to capture patients for life? C&A Consultants can guide you towards powerful patient retention techniques to maximize your patient retention!

C&A Consulting Firm will develop your unique marketing plan, refine your practice’s brand, guide you in doing mystery shopping calls, loyalty programs, gift cards, open houses and more. Compliance is the #1 national concern for Med Spa Owners and we will ensure that your practice is up to date on all OSHA and HIPAA guidelines, as well as your state’s legal structure. Additionally, we will ensure that your practice increases market share and very importantly, improves profit margins. We know how to minimize costs and maximize revenue; we know which procedures, treatments and products work and bring in cash flow and which do not because we have “walked the talk” from our proven experience and track record. You can count on C&A Consultants.

Below, you will find some of the services offered to Existing Practices looking to finally profit on your investment, expand or even franchise into a multi-location center

  • Evaluation of Best Practices for Medspa
  • Updating your Business Plan
  • P & L analysis
  • Mystery Shopping Calls
  • Unique Marketing Ideas
  • How to Expand your Network
  • Landscape analysis: Competitive profile-How do you compare?
  • Expanding your Referral network
  • Refining your Brand
  • Social Media Best Practices
  • Staff Sales Training : Build a High Performance Team
  • Targeting to Niche or Ethic Markets
  • OSHA and HIPAA guidelines
  • Building a Retail Space
  • What’s New and Hot for aesthetic treatments
  • Open House and Customer Event Support
  • How to build Media and Community Relations
  • Optimizing your Patient Referrals
  • Loyalty Programs, Gift Cards, and Patient Retention
  • How to increase Male Clientele
  • Menu Makeover: Bundling
  • Anti-Aging, Holistic medicine, and Wellness Programs

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