C&A Aesthetics Consulting Firm brings more than 3 decades of experience to ensure your practice’s success. Whether this is your first practice, an existing practice, your first time franchising your business or you are wanting additional hands-on training to finesse your techniques, C&A Consultants are here for you.

Meet the Co-Founders and Co-Presidents of C&A Aesthetics Consulting Firm

From the Co-President and Founder of C&A Aesthetics Consulting Firm, Carolina Vera

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I have been practicing medicine for well over a decade. My career began in the emergency room as a board-certified emergency room physician. Eventually the long hours, coupled with the night shifts and holiday responsibilities began to take a physical and mental toll. It was apparent that there was no room for professional growth, and when I was home with my family, I felt exhausted by the unrelenting schedule and under-compensated considering the scope of my work.

At that juncture, I decided to adjust my focus and begin a career in aesthetic medicine.  Despite any previous knowledge or experience, I would own a business and set my own schedule.  I would be tasked with making all of the critical operational, marketing and management decisions.  All of my hard work and dedication as a medical professional would translate into my own profits and success.

Fast forward to five years later, and I am the successful owner of The Vera Medical Institute, a thriving, state of art medical spa in Plantation, Florida. In retrospect, I wish that I had the advice, mentoring and wisdom of someone well-versed in the economics of MedSpas.  Therefore, to help make the journey smoother, less confusing and most importantly, less costly, I have paved the way to assist my peers by creating C&A Aesthetics Consulting.

As healthcare providers, we set out initially with a sincere passion to help patients, to provide unparalleled clinical outcomes, and to build a strong, loyal clientele.  However, the reality is that running a successfulaesthetic practice takes much more than a medical degree and clinical experience. Business owners and providers are required to wear many hats; medical expert, CEO, office manager, financial analyst, marketing expert, sales person, Human Resources, handyman, interior designer, publicist, social media expert, amongst many others. How can providers differentiate themselves in the marketplace?  How can patients trust the quality of care, in addition to having a positive office experience, when the leader of the Medspa is stretched in so many different directions? Let our consulting firm help you get started and organized, while removing the unnecessary stressors so that the focus is properly upon the essentials that will create a successful powerhouse in your community.

Our goal is to reduce headaches and limit financial mistakes.  With proper consulting, we can provide you the freedom of running your own business, so that your hard work and dedication result in your own profitable operation.

As we like to say, “We walk the talk.” I own a thriving business that I started from scratch.  However, I made rookie mistakes and learned from them. Despite those errors, I have successfully implemented a business plan that works. We developed C&A Aesthetics Consulting to help guide aesthetic practices through the learning curve and equip them with the right tools to run a flourishing, self-sustaining business. I have developed proven strategies to guide practices to financial success in a rapidly evolving and competitive environment.

Every practice is different and we understand this challenge.  Our firm focuses on customizing a plan that suits your goals.  When we build your plan, we will take into consideration the perspective of the practice, the patients, and the demographics of your region to help our clients outsmart their competition and attract the right customers reflective of your brand.  The first step is making the decision to take control of your future.  After that, contacting and collaborating with C&A Aesthetics Consulting firm to create a successful, profitable MedSpa. Non-invasive procedures, to slow the hands of Father Time in an everlasting aging community, is the future of medicine.  Let’s work together to beautify each community with profitable and sustainable aesthetic practices.

Meet Alexandra Huertes, Co-President and Co-Founder of C&A Aesthetics Consulting

Hi, I’m Alexandra. As Co-President and Co-Founder of C&A Aesthetics Consulting, I am excited to be able to utilize all the skill sets I have acquired throughout my career to help guide and avoid business owners from making common mistakes which can be detrimental to their success. Practice evaluations, Leadership training, Cosmetic Practice Development, and Laser Science are all services I offer our clients.  Aesthetics has always been a passion of mine.  I have worked in the medical and aesthetic industry for the last 20 years. I graduated with a B.S in Biology from Rutgers University. I wanted to be a doctor at one time, however my life led me to a successful career in sales and training for physicians.  Medical Sales and Sales training is where my career started 20 years ago in NYC. I started as a surgical sales representative working throughout NY and the tristate area. I have since held various roles and helped train both sales staff of start-up companies, as well as physicians just starting in aesthetics, throughout the country.  The last 4 years, I have worked in the Southeast, and gained knowledge of the patient needs and competitive landscape of this area.  My diverse work experience for various medical and aesthetic devices, including PRP, micro-needling, and Lasers, allows me to now offer expert advice and training to my clients on existing and emerging equipment. I have worked with Medical spas, Plastic Surgery, and Dermatology practices throughout the country.

I have always been on the other side of the negotiation table. Throughout my sales career, I realized that most physicians and business owners need more than just the minimum support they obtain from their device reps to be successful. I have seen firsthand how many new business owners make rookie mistakes on equipment purchases and heard the many issues and frustrations of those just starting in this aesthetic field. I have seen many failed endeavors in this industry. With Medspas having doubled and doubling again by 2020, it is even more important to have the right support and training when you first start.  It can be very overwhelming and confusing in the beginning. I have built a long network of relationships with Device companies, Laser brokers, private 1099 sales representatives, all of which I can now leverage to help our customers and make the best and most affordable choices to start their aesthetic practice. I leverage my diverse experience to ensure that your vision for your aesthetic practice comes to fruition in a profitable way.

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