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C&A Consulting Firm offers an all-encompassed array of solutions to clients seeking to succeed at the highest level in Aesthetics and Medical Spas. We offer a variety of services customized to fit your needs whether this is your first medical spa or you have an existing medical spa and you are looking to expand or increase your revenue immediately. We are here to provide you guidance every single step of the way.

Why Choose C&A?

We are the only aesthetics consulting firm that will walk you from A to Z

From your initial business plan, to developing your brand and logo; to helping you find the right office location, to proper doctor and staff training and to analysis of your financial and business makeup, we have you covered from each and every angle. We even offer continuing medical education, marketing, social-media and how to put on successful events. We have developed a recipe for MedSpa success that we would like to share with each and every client.

We have decades of proven successful Medspa and consulting results. As we like to say, “We Walk the Talk.” Collaborate with C&A Aesthetics Firm to create a successful and profitable aesthetic practice that is everlasting and surpass your competition. Our techniques are tested and proven to work so you don’t have to do it alone; we are here to help you every step of the way.


Did You Know?

3 out of 4 Medical Spas FAIL and Close their Doors.

Let us guide you to be in the top 25% that Succeeds and Surpasses your Competition.

The Number of Medical Spas has gone up more than 60% since 2016 in the U.S.A. alone.

How will your Medical Spa differentiate from the Competition?

Nearly 2/3 of Medical Spa Visits Come from Repeat Patients?

Learn How to Maximize Patient Retention!

Buying a non-FDA approved machine will not be covered by malpractice if something were to happen.

We can teach you exactly which devices and lasers to purchase!
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What Our Clients Say

C&A Consulting Firm was able to help me open my first medical spa from scratch starting from the initial business plan and even financing options. I knew it was a big decision and investment to start a medspa so I sought out the best consultants I could find in the industry so I would not have to “reinvent the wheel.”I am so glad I found Carolina and Alexandra. They even walked me through on choosing the optimal equipment options for my patients that helped me see size able profits in the first year! I can’t imagine having done all of this without their guidance.There is so much more to the aesthetics business than I had ever imagined.There are steps and techniques that I would never have thought of without their assistance. With their expertise, I felt reassured that I was doing it the right way and the best way from the very beginning and that is priceless.

Elio G, Hialeah, FL

I was helped immensely by C&A Aesthetics Consulting Firm when my medical spa was not producing the numbers we had expected and we started experiencing some staff turnover. Carolina and Alexanda came in and did a full analysis of where we could cut out a lot of unnecessary costs and also helped us to develop new streams of revenue into our practice. They also helped us in hiring and training a new staff that has been steady and instrumental to our success. We could not have done it without their help.

Jessica O, Tampa, FL

I cannot thank Carolina and Alexandra from C&A Aesthetics Consulting Firm enough. With their guidance, I was able to start a new medical spa that has become one of the leading spas in my city. They taught me everything from the legal side of the business to even the best ways to do marketing. I especially found it very beneficial to do the add-on training since I learned some new techniques and procedures to offer to my patients. I also took their advice in which devices and lasers to purchase and it has been a great success. I am glad I did not purchase many of the lasers that device representatives would try to sell me. Carolina and Alexandra were right in which ones work and create revenue. Very happy I decided to consult with them every step of the way!

Stephan G, Atlanta, GA

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